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Not bad, considering this is your first track in months. The instruments are mostly fine, though though the Garageband strings are not the best sounding. The song itself has no melody, and seems more like something to rap over, as opposed to listening to on its own.

TheSharkBite responds:

actually, that's not a bad idea...

It sounded alright. I felt like the sampling was REALLY crappy, though. Te song itself isn't bad otherwise, though nothing special.

DreyLand responds:

Yes, I think you're right, this is not a real composition, so we don't have to take it seriously :)
Thanks for the review!

It was okay, I felt like it started a bit slowly, though.

TheSharkBite responds:

Yeah, I got that from a lot of people... Thanks!

Loved everything about it. I feel like it's a bit slow for a battle theme however, if that's what it will be used for.

DreyLand responds:

Hi, I'm glad you like it! :)
Yes this is slow because this is not a battle theme, this song will be played during the dialogue just before the fight. The fight theme is completly different from this one, I called it the Duel theme. (You can find it here too)
Thanks for the 5 Stars!

Just out of curiosity, what distributer do you use?

TheSharkBite responds:

Oh... DistroKid. Very very nice and cheap!

I enjoyed it, but I felt like the drop came a bit late. I did like the vocals, however.

TheSharkBite responds:

Thanks for the review, good sir!

It was alright, considering you tried dubstep in garageband, which is very hard. The song was a bit too repetitive for its being five minutes and the melody never changes. There was no actual bassline until the last minute, and that was NOT a good bass drop.

TheSharkBite responds:

Alright, mate! Thanks for the review, and I'm glad you also considered that I did this in garageband. Anyway, how should I improve the bass drop?

Great song! It started up a little slowly, and I felt it could have used more of a baseline, but that's just me.

Also, what software are you using? Not that I'm curious (I'm assuming it's either Garageband or Logic), but it's required in the guidelines, so you should that up just in case, as you could get audio suspension...

TheSharkBite responds:

??? I didn't catch what you said.

Probably your best yet! Unlike most of your other tracks, I found this highly enjoyable. I could tell there was a melody, which came in smoothly. The volume was well balanced, and transitions were very good. The song was rather repetitive, and didn't introduce much new content as it progressed, but other than that I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Enzo07 responds:

Thanks and yes this song is repetitive

Interesting to start with, but it dropped off very quickly. The transition didn't go very well with the pitch, and it the melody only looped after that. When it finally transitioned back, it was extremely abrupt, and immediately went back to the boring loop.

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